“I’m amazing”

I met Lucy, my new housemate, just a couple of months before I moved into her sweet home at the end of a dead-end road in Fairview (right at the edge of country, with a mountain right behind us – but just 20 minutes from my work downtown). I had posted on the Jubilee Facebook page that I was looking for a room to rent – actually, preferably, a house to share.  Lucy responded to me on Facebook that she was looking for someone to share her home.  So we began a series of get-togethers and phone chats to see if we were a good fit.

In one of these phone chats, I was moved to say what was by that point totally obvious about Lucy, “You are an amazing person.”  She paused just a moment and then said, “Yes, I think I really am.”  It was thrilling – to be with someone who wasn’t hiding her light under a bushel, who was willing to announce the luminous truth about herself.  If she could be open about her amazingness, then so could I.  If I could hold up this truth about her, then maybe she would do so for me – and she does, pretty consistently.  Each of us seeing the other as amazing is one of the most important things we have in common.  Three months into our experiment in co-housing, this reality of our amazingness is right at the heart of our life under the same roof.

Knowing you are amazing can drive your activism. It can keep you going when things get hard.  It can help you take on challenges or projects that you might otherwise shy away from.  It can help you to really show up for your comrades.

If you don’t come away from your political action groups maybe just a little more in touch with your amazingness, maybe that is not the right group for you.  If you feel small or too angry, run away and find another group.

I heard the song below, by Keb Mo, for the first time on Pandora the other day.  I asked Lucy if she knew it and she lit up.  I should have known she would know it – it’s her theme song.  “I have it – I’ll loan you the CD.”  Maybe it will be one of your theme songs too.


Releasing the Force mission.

If your heart is breaking over what is going on in our country, Releasing the Force will help you to face and feel and endure and master that pain – and then use that pain as motivation to do something new. It will help you find that something new.  And it will help you to do it.
If you are acting out of anger and fear, no matter how hard you work your actions will not lead to good outcomes.  You need to get under the anger and fear and act from your heart.  That requires confronting your pain.  You cannot do that without enough support.  Releasing the Force will support you and will help you find additional support.