Why march?

Why would you want to go to a march or rally?  To let your light shine!

First Anniversary Women’s March: 11 a.m. Saturday the 20th, gather at Memorial Field (behind McCormick Park, home of the baseball Tourists). Facebook event page

me and Toni MLK
Me and Toni before the march.  She’s really not being strangled, but her new pouch is a little too deep and she has to reach up to put her head out.  Gotta put another couple of t-shirts in the bottom.

Today I (and my five-pound dog Toni) walked in the Asheville MLK march, which I have done most of the 13 years I have lived in Asheville.  Last year it was especially large and energized because it happened soon after the presidential election and was one of the first opportunities for people to come together and vent their upset about all this.  This year it was really great again.

love happens here sign mlk
Great signs

As we were marching along, some white guy started up the song “This little light of mine.”  He didn’t have a very strong voice and only about five of us sang along. And he was a white guy.  At the MLK march, if a black person starts a chant or a song, you’re more motivated to join in.

leaving the church mlk
The march begins

But singing it made me happy.  Last year it seemed that I just kept bumping into people I knew and liked.  This year I found one family that I know and like, but quickly got separated from them in the crowd.  Just before the song started, I was feeling sad and lonely.

Then just a couple minutes later we arrived at the rally site, City-County Plaza, and the wonderful R&B band WestSound was rocking “This Little Light of Mine”.  I got very happy.mlk rally

So why go to a march or rally?

  1. To let your light shine.
  2. To let your voice be heard: all the people who drive by and media coverage, hopefully.
  3. To have an outlet for your upset, so you don’t get sick inside from taking in all the toxicity of our current environment and having no way to get the negative energy out.
  4. To see the great signs.
  5. To be with your people – to build community, to see and feel the power of all of us together.
  6. To have an impact on the direction of our country – you need to believe that coming together, letting our voices be heard, will do that.
  7. To sing and have fun.

Last year’s Women’s March was not only satisfying and fun – it was powerful and important in the life of our country.  And it was very, very encouraging – a huge recharge for so many of us who attended, wherever in the country.  This year’s march can do that for you.



Why see “The Post”…

And why see it now at the theaters – besides that it will make Oscar night more exciting….

The Post

  1. The acting.  Tom Hanks is great, Meryl Streep is luminous – and together they are pretty awesome.
  2. It’s a real booster shot for freedom – speaking truth to power.
  3. It is a big shout-out for the free press.
  4. It may motivate you to read the newspaper – maybe especially the New York Times and the Washington Post, which only first became a national player through the events in this movie.  I currently do read them both a lot online, but this made me want to read the actual papers – though I can’t afford it and they don’t deliver to Fairview.
  5. It’s a great vision of a woman coming into her power – and embracing women’s power is crucial to the Resistance.
  6. It will give you a different, emotionally safe opportunity to be angry at presidents who lie to us.
  7. The freedom fighters win (not a big spoiler with this movie – most of you know the history).
  8. Sitting in the theater with a lot of people who feel the same way as you (a pretty safe bet that there won’t be a lot of right-wingers there) is a shot in the arm.  Our full house even erupted in applause at two points.  I don’t know how many people in that theater cried, but I did on and off through the movie – it was just so thrilling and touching.
  9. It’s a feel-good movie – it should send you out feeling happy.  And maybe wanting to go out and do something.  I sure felt that way – and was glad that I have two great outlets this week: the MLK march tomorrow and the Women’s March on Saturday.  And writing this post is a huge outlet for me.