Why see “The Post”…

And why see it now at the theaters – besides that it will make Oscar night more exciting….

The Post

  1. The acting.  Tom Hanks is great, Meryl Streep is luminous – and together they are pretty awesome.
  2. It’s a real booster shot for freedom – speaking truth to power.
  3. It is a big shout-out for the free press.
  4. It may motivate you to read the newspaper – maybe especially the New York Times and the Washington Post, which only first became a national player through the events in this movie.  I currently do read them both a lot online, but this made me want to read the actual papers – though I can’t afford it and they don’t deliver to Fairview.
  5. It’s a great vision of a woman coming into her power – and embracing women’s power is crucial to the Resistance.
  6. It will give you a different, emotionally safe opportunity to be angry at presidents who lie to us.
  7. The freedom fighters win (not a big spoiler with this movie – most of you know the history).
  8. Sitting in the theater with a lot of people who feel the same way as you (a pretty safe bet that there won’t be a lot of right-wingers there) is a shot in the arm.  Our full house even erupted in applause at two points.  I don’t know how many people in that theater cried, but I did on and off through the movie – it was just so thrilling and touching.
  9. It’s a feel-good movie – it should send you out feeling happy.  And maybe wanting to go out and do something.  I sure felt that way – and was glad that I have two great outlets this week: the MLK march tomorrow and the Women’s March on Saturday.  And writing this post is a huge outlet for me.

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