When we are angry…

I thought I was over letting Trump get me really really angry, but his s******* Nations comment last week drove me around the bend. I was in enraged and humiliated. Ashamed that our country was making so many millions of people around the globe feel bad. What do you do when you’re this upset? Allowed to run loose it will chew you up.
Here’s some of what I did…
  1. Vent – talk to people about it. The next day at work I was still worked up, so I took the risk of talking to some of my customers about it.  (“Would you mind if I talk our president for a minute?”) Maybe I’m just really good at profiling who’s going to be in my corner or maybe I’m just lucky that it’s such a liberal store, but each person I talked with was as upset as me.
  2. Come together. I was amazingly fortunate that the Martin Luther King march happened just a few days after this event. Coming together with others who are in the same place can be very soothing, very comforting – and it was so for me.  But you probably won’t have a protest March handy when you’re upset. You can come together with an understanding friend for lunch or a beer. There may be a meeting of your personal support group (I really encourage you to have one) – or your political action group (I really encourage you to have one – see “Groups” page at the top of the blog).
  3. Dance furiously.  hot partyAlice Walker has a book of poetry titled Hard Times Require Furious Dancing – one of my favorite Movement quotes. Yesterday morning I was fortunate to have one of my two weekly ecstatic dance sessions – to release my feelings, find some sense of flow in the chaos, and to come together with other beautiful people.  Watch for a new post (maybe one of many) on dancing.
  4. Laugh. I follow the New York Times online. They have a regular feature about late night shows. “We stay up late so that you don’t have to.” Here’s a Stephen Colbert clip about this event which really helped me relax this morning.  Colbert on “Shithole Nations” – you know Trump really said it.

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