First anniversary Women’s March this Saturday

Saturday January 20, 11 a.m., gather at Memorial Stadium (right behind McCormick Field, the Tourists baseball park off of Biltmore Ave.).  Destination City/County Plaza Facebook event page

Were you there last year?  Did you just hear about it? What a total shot in the arm!  It gave us an outlet for our frustration and upset – and made us happy!  We came together with our tribe and supported each other.  We need a dose of that again.

Parking is probably going to be tight, so I recommend (if you are OK with walking) that you park at the Aloft Hotel downtown across from the Fine Arts Theater and walk four blocks downhill to Memorial Stadium.  The march will then be five blocks uphill and you will end up two blocks from your car.

If you in any way can, come on out.  This is just the energy we need to keep us going!

womens march avl 1womens march avl 2womens march avl 3

womens march avl 4

womens march avl 5

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