If you weren’t at the march…

womens march avl 1If you weren’t at the march, what can it mean to you? If you don’t know what to do, where can you start? What might all these marches have to show or teach you?
power to the polls
Great turnout today – many were estimating that it matched last year’s 10K.   A big focus, in this march and the Women’s March organization, on getting out the vote.
super callousHave you seen the pictures? Do you know how many people were out here? So many – in so many places. This can be encouraging. It doesn’t matter that you weren’t here. We were all here for you. Sense it. Feel it. Something is happening. People are rising up. Rise up. People are standing up. They’re standing up for their rights. Standing up for what is right. Standing up to Trump.
I do not like you
In Our AmericaYou sit in a context of something happening. There is something happening. We are shifting this whole terrible episode with Trump.  He is going to leave our house, unwanted guest that he is. Society is in a different place. People are taking responsibility for their society.

Pierce and Toni
You see the greatest people at a march.  My old co-worker Pierce carried my little Toni for a while.  Toni loved it and just nestled in against Pierce’s chest.
And so you can do something.  You may not know yet what you’re going to do. You might go to a march (today was not your last chance). You might go to a meeting. You might write a letter. You may still not know what you’re going to do, but if you hold this imagery – if you remember that you are part of this – things will change.  Whether you stayed at home or not, this is your movement. You belong to it. It belongs to you. And what happened with these marches created an energy that will support you in your next step.
Listen to (and see!) Eva Cassidy – she might make you feel good.

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