Creation Spirituality Conference at Jubilee 4/26-29


Join Creation Spirituality Communities for a weekend of inspiration, growth, and celebration of  our sacred work on our sacred earth. Whether you are an activist, a poet, a practitioner, a mystic, or a scientist….. If you are seeking to connect your purpose and pursuits to the spirituality of creation, this gathering is for you.


April 28:  Dr. Mathew Fox
April 27: Dr. Marcia McFee

April 26: Abraham Jam  A Muslim, a Jew, and a Christian walk into a concert hall…a trio of internationally-renowned musicians who have teamed up to create art strengthened by diversity. 

A total immersion celebration to connect your heart, mind, and spirit with your sacred work.

A host of offerings led by community leaders and practitioners to inspire and inform your daily connection to the sacredness of creation. 

A gallery of creative works exploring our sacred tasks through the arts.

A variety of activities to involve your whole self –  through body prayer, 
interactive presentations, conversation, the arts, ritual,  workshops, and much more.


Early registration discount until February 4.

Creation Spirituality is all about love of the earth and the body – the Original Blessing of Matt Fox. Last time the Cosmic Mass was a blast. I’m offering a workshop on “Customer Service as Sacred Work”.  Should be a great conference with cool, interesting attendees.

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