Women’s Power

I’ve heard that some right-wingers have complained that the most recent Star Wars movie (#8 – The Last Jedi) “has too many women”.  There sure are lots of powerful, skillful, heroic women on board – probably more than in any previous Star Wars movie.  They include:

  • the seasoned, wise Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher regrettably in her last movie role), now grown into General Organa Carrie Fisher 2
  • Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern) – grounded, powerful, wise, heroicLaura Dern
  • Rey (Daisy Ridley) – the young woman, the rise of the new generation of Jedi.Daisy Ridley 2

The time is right for this movie – we need women’s power more than ever. Another recent movie character. the quintessentially evil Richard Strickland (played by Michael Shannon) in The Shape of Water, demonstrates what awfulness can happen when unbalanced white male patterns run out of control – unchecked by women’s power.  (See the movie if you can – preferably on the big screen, it’s so beautiful – to see how this works out. It will probably be around until the Oscars,)  We have examples all around us of this out-of-balance men’s power: Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, John Kelly, Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein.  The list goes on and on.

We need women’s power and wisdom to get us as a society back into balance.  We also obviously need courageous and wise male leaders like Barack Obama, Tim Kaine, Bernie Sanders, John McCain (on a good day).  But we especially need leaders like Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
The new official portraits of Barack and Michelle

Elizabeth Warren2012 Massachusetts Democratic Endorsing ConventionOprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey Kamala Harriskamala harrisand Ellen DeGeneresellen 2to name a few – people who do not carry our out-of-balance male conditioning.

My non-denominational church has for 25 years been led by two white men.  They have done fabulous things – have been heroic leaders in their own right, have created a very beautiful spiritual community and kept it vibrant for 25 years.  But I believe that the leadership that will take us into our next chapter is going to need to be female.

Our regular minister is on sabbatical right now and last week our service was led by two amazing young women:

Cathryn and Lauren

  • The radiant, adorable, extremely funny Lauren Fortuna (on your left) as celebrant
  • The brilliant, powerful Cathryn Zommer doing the preaching.

Give yourself 60 minutes to feast on the attached audio, in one sitting if you can, it will be more coherent – but that’s not necessary.  Listen while you are walking the dog or on the treadmill, while you are cooking dinner, etc.  Enjoy.

Jubilee 2/11/18

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