Kinship with All Life

If you believe that our connection with other species keeps us in balance, read on. If you experientially know that the dogs and cats in our lives offer us healing, see the movie The Shape of Water. shape of waterThe moviemakers also know these truths and display them in a powerful and beautiful way. (The movie is up for several Oscars and should be playing in most major markets until the Oscar show on March 4.)

If all this speaks to you, I would also encourage you to read Kinship with All Life, written by J. Allen Boone . 798828 (Originally published way back in 1976 – and first read by me in 1977 – it has been nicely reprinted and is available on Amazon and at many independent booksellers like Malaprop’s in Asheville.)  The writer was a free-lance journalist who frequently dog sat for Strongheart the famous movie”Wonder dog”.

Strongheart – born in Germany in 1917, died after a movie studio fire in Hollywood in 1929.

He became convinced that Strongheart sent and received psychic communication and went on a national journey to discover and describe animal-human communication.  He’s a very good writer.



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