New offerings from Releasing the Force!

We are very excited to offer three new experiential programs to fit your needs.  These are:

  1. The Something Squad 
    1. For people who want to do something about the current state of our country (state, city), but may not yet know what.  Or maybe you have some sense about the what, but don’t know how to go about it – or how to fit it into the circumstances of your life.
    2. Or people who are already doing something, but want to do something more.
    3. Look at the Something Squad page for more details.
  2. The Jedi Training Camp
    1. For people who want to pull out the stops, really go for it.  Appropriately demanding to meet the requirements of being a Jedi.
    2. Also, though, you make a commitment to keep intact the Big Four:
      1. work
      2. family
      3. exercise
      4. sleep
    3. More details at the Jedi Training Camp page.
  3. No Charge Recharge offerings
    1. Recharge social hour
      1. at an appropriate beverage house, open to
        1. participants in the first two offerings
        2. comrades – people out in the trenches doing the work, who would like the social support and recharge
        3. interested others who want a taste of what we are doing
    2. Comrades in arms
      1. Facilitated connecting and recharge time for people already doing the work
    3. Details on both of these at the No Charge Recharge page.