Do It Anyway

Today was about young lives lost – and somehow more.

At Jubilee today, our phenomenal visiting minister Alba Onofrio spoke strong and straight about the high school shootings in Parkland, FL.  She called out the lies of politicians who send their “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and their families – but take money from the gun lobby and do nothing to pass common sense gun legislation.  She said that the surviving students themselves are taking the lead in calling out the lie in politicians who are saying it’s “too soon” to talk about gun control, when really it’s too late.

Alba Onofrio
Alba Onofrio at Jubilee

The Jubilee choir sang a song by Martina McBride – Anyway – about the need to take action in the face of total uncertainty about how things will turn out.  It’s very beautiful.

Somebody made an announcement that in the afternoon there would be a rally downtown to remember the victims of the shooting.  I had actually been numb and distracted at the time of the shooting and it was all just catching up to me today at Jubilee – so I knew I wanted to go to the rally.

The rally was wonderful – well attended, with powerful and touching speeches, and great signs.

Burr and Tillis are our NC U.S. senators – and apparently among the highest in how much NRA money they take in.

common sense laws

Moms demand action

not soon enough

Protect our kids

the crowd today
The crowd today, 2/18/18, in downtown Asheville.

Highlights from the speeches:
– from a Stoneman Douglass High School (the school of the tragedy) alumnus:
– “I will not fall back into silence” and
– “I will not accept inaction”.
– from a mom who is a survivor of gun violence:
– “I see the tide shifting.  We must throw out officials who take money from the NRA.  We must vote out politicians who don’t vote for common sense gun laws.”

There was music, including one of my favorite classic protest songs, “Blowin’ in the Wind”:  “How many deaths will it take ’til we know that too many people have died?”
Peter, Paul and Mary

Want to take action?  Moms Demand Action
– to connect with organizers in your area, text “ready” to 64433

At the end of the Jubilee service, the band – which tends to rock out at the end of the service (people dancing, etc.) – offered us an almost incomprehensibly sweet, happy, hopeful song: Jimmy Cliff’s “I Can See Clearly Now”.  I danced and cried.  Playing it now, I am happy and hopeful and crying.  I recommend it.

My Sweet Lord

Given all the confusion, pain, death and destruction in the world, it is incumbent on any conscious person to try to come up with some coherent cosmology – what is the meaning of all this?  Confronted with all the lying, treachery, hate and destructiveness present in our national politics, we need – if our spirit is to survive – to go underneath all this to some sense of meaning.

How to enter the Spirit world.

All the offerings from Releasing the Force will have several spiritual underpinnings.  I won’t try to prove them – they just are my experience of what’s true in the world.  You can participate fully in any of our offerings without agreeing with any of these, but I think you will get more out of our programs if you wrestle with these ideas.

Human spirit

Everything is connected.  Our analytical mind likes to break things apart, sees separation everywhere.  When we drop out of the analytical mind and perceive with our hearts, we see connection everywhere.  I am not separate from you – we are part of the same whole.  Thich Nhat Hanh would say that we inter-are – I am you and you are me.

Thich Nhat Hanh
Light body

Life is intelligent.  It’s not chaos – it has meaning and purpose.  Even when it looks like chaos, underneath that chaos is order.spirit-photo--664x1024

Life is benevolent – it is working towards our good.  This is the toughest one for me to get my mental hands around.  My analytical mind just doesn’t get it – yet I know that it is true.  Life continually sends us the experiences we need for our healing. It’s Groundhog Day: if we don’t get the lesson the first time, Life keeps sending us opportunities to learn it.

It doesn’t matter how you conceptualize the Divine – Bartolomé_Esteban_Perez_Murillo_003whether you think of it as my sweet Lord or some more abstract Life Force.  It doesn’t matter what your religion, or if you have a religion at all.  It doesn’t matter how you fight the notion of some kind of cosmic Intelligence – that fight is your dance and you are exactly where you are meant to be.

It doesn’t matter if you meditate or do yoga or pray – social activism may be your spiritual practice.

Call 828-582-9822 and talk to me about this or just bring it up when we get together in a program offering or wait until it comes up, because it will.