Gun control and swing dancing

Last night I wrote a blog post about gun control, in which I listed three different actions you could take to push for gun control – none of which were swing dancing, or any kind of dancing.  What an oversight!  Alice Walker wrote “Hard Times Require Furious Dancing.”

Yesterday, in addition to my blog post, I put up two Facebook posts – one promoting the blog post and one promoting a weekly swing dance session at a local club.  Why didn’t I put the two together?  The swing dance will feature a much beloved local vocalist, in a much beloved local club that continually supports progressive causes (e.g. the after-party for the Women’s March). I, who have until yesterday compulsively said that I only can do free-form improv dancing (which I love), am acknowledging that I’ve in my heart always wanted to learn swing dancing.  And I have an intuition that – especially by promoting this and bringing out a lot of my friends – this could be a magical weekly experience.

And if I want to stay alive as an activist I’ve got to have fun!  I’ve got to dance!

Come on out on Tuesday nights!  Queen Bee (Whitney Moore) and the Honey Lovers play this week. 

Queen Bee FB Event page

Or find some other dance in Asheville or in your town!

One thought on “Gun control and swing dancing

  1. I saw Whitney Moore last night and she gave me the disappointing news that her band, Queen Bee and the Honey Lovers, is only playing tomorrow at THE BLOCK off biltmore – when I thought they would be a weekly fixture at the Tuesday evening swing dances. “But there will be other good bands”, she said. Every Tuesday: lesson 7-9, social dance 9-11. If I have a good time tomorrow night I’ll go back – and promote it here.


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