Releasing the Force Conversation Series – begins this Wednesday

In times like this of great national chaos and crisis there is a tendency for thoughtful, responsible people to agonize about what they should do about all this.  The Releasing the Force Conversation Series will shift the discussion from what you should do to what is the calling of your heart.  The tone of the evenings will be tender and nurturing to respond to the trauma we are all experiencing.  Come to one session or all four.

multiple Jedi
What’s your light saber?

Four Wednesday evenings, 7-8:30, March 14-April 4, Jubilee downstairs.  Majo hosts.

What’s your personal story around activism? What’s next for you? Contact Majo to register and get pre-work – or just show up for any evening. $10 or donation per evening.  Each evening is self-contained – write Majo for detailed agenda., 828-582-9822