Progressive Dem’s interview candidates

Primary election May 8!

On Monday night, the Progressive Democrats of Buncombe County interviewed all four candidates for the U.S. House in the NC 10th and 11th districts

The meeting was very well attended – maybe 200 people.  For me that evening, rather than celebrating the big crowd I got kind of intimidated by it.  The building – headquarters for the Buncombe County Democratic Party – was not new to me: I had been there several times during Barack’s last campaign.  But I had never been to a meeting of either the Democratic Party or the Progressive Democrats and I suspected, correctly, that I would mostly be among strangers.  It turned out, though, that I very much enjoyed the meeting and have penciled the regular monthly meetings (second Monday) in my book – and plan to go back.

Here are my take-aways from the evening.

  1. The Progressive Dems run a pretty tight ship.
    1. The meeting started on time and was well run.
    2. They videotaped the meeting, live streamed it, and had the video up on their web page by the time I got home.  The video guy had told me that the visuals were really choppy for the first half of the session (a “bandwidth problem”) – and they must have decided that the technical quality was too bad, because the video has been removed – replaced by really a pretty good article on the meeting from the Citizen Times.
      Progressive Dems - Citizen Times
      “Democrats debate who can defeat Mark Meadows in 11th Congressional District” Asheville Citizen-Times, 4/10/18.  From left to right: David Wilson Brown (10), Phillip Price (11), Scott Donaldson (11), Steve Woodsmall (11)



  2. All four candidates are really very good: smart, articulate, good values and good politics.  I would proudly work for any of them.

    No matter what people say about these districts being hard for a Democrat to win, I think it’s a new day and those old bits of conventional wisdom no longer apply.  I think that David Brown in going to beat Patrick McHenry in the 10th district and whoever from the other three wins the primary on May 8th is going to beat Mark Meadows in the 11th district.

  3. Gun Control

    These four all have good positions about gun control.  I think that in the November elections gun control and the NRA are going to weigh down Republicans across the country – and flush a lot of them out of the Congress.

  4. I don’t know yet who I am going to work for.  I’m planning to go to two more Indivisible “vetting sessions”:
    1. this Thursday, 6:30, David Brown at the Lord Auditorium of Pack Library downtown
    2. This Saturday, 10:30-12 – all candidates invited in Weaverville.  I’m in an Internal Family Systems (IFS) workshop on Friday and Saturday and will be missing this meeting.
    3. 4/19, 6:30 – Phillip Price at Pack Library.

Whoever I work for, I intend to get to know them (I felt like I knew Barack, but we didn’t like hang out or anything) and work really hard for them.  I’m totally jazzed about this whole thing.