Voter information

  •  United Way voters guide
  • Are you registered?  Where?  Which Congressional district are you in? Where’s your polling place?
    • NC Board of Elections Voter Lookup
      • The NC Board of Elections Public Voter Search page offers you the opportunity to check your registration and get your sample ballot.
      • Enter your “full” first and last name and, if it comes up, check the “I am not a robot” box. For common names, you can also select your county to filter responses. Select the link with your name, hit the link, and it will take you to your Voter Information page.
      • At the bottom of your Voter Information page, there is a blue box titled Sample Ballots. Hit the blue link that has a letter and number to the right of 2018 General Election, and that is your sample ballot.
    • or call 828-250-400
  • Democracy North Carolina (“not affiliated with any party) hotline: 888-OUR-VOTE
  • early voting – starts October 17
  • League of Women Voters
  • 6 Proposed Constitutional Amendments – very important to know about

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