Electing two progressives to Congress from WNC

We have two great candidates running for Congress in our area.  Because of the way Districts 10 and 11 have been gerrymandered, I can’t tell you which of those districts you belong to, but you can look it up real easy.  Just go to the state Board of Elections look-up site and plug in a very little bit of information.  It will show you if you are registered at your current address, your Congressional district,  your precinct, and your polling place (for election day November 6 – for early voting you can go to any one of many locations, more on that tomorrow).

Phillip Price, Democrat for District 11, is really a very good guy with progressive politics.  He is running against Mark Meadows, a conservative among the conservatives and leader of the House Freedom caucus – the worst conservatives in the House.

David Wilson Brown, my man in the 10th District is an awesome guy in so many ways  – not just his love for dogs and how much my dog immediately loved him.  He’s running against Patrick McHenry, a very conservative Republican.

with Toni 7-15 White Horse2
David Wilson Brown – great guy, great politics.  The happiest photo I have of my little Toni.

Conventional wisdom has it that because of how gerrymandered these districts are a Democrat can’t win. This is totally untrue. Our candidates are so great and if enough people go out to vote absolutely they can win.