About this blog

(This blog shamelessly uses Star Wars imagery and content.  #8 – The Last Jedi, images above – inspired me and you will hear about it in various posts.  See it – after seeing or reading the synopsis of #7, I can send you the link!  And/or find the other movies/songs/images that inspire you.)

It’s time to do something.  We all need to do something, to take a stand against the atrocities being committed on our beloved country.

For you, this may take the form only of meditation and/or thinking positive thoughts, visualizing good things. If this is your path, bless you – these mental activities will certainly yield good results.  But this blog may not support you, as it is about taking action out in the world.

You may feel that for you it’s time to be active out in the world.  It’s time to take it to the streets.  (What does that look like?)  You may want to be part of the Resistance.  (What does that mean?)  This blog will help you figure all that out:

  • What to do (activism)
  • How to do it with  love (heart)
  • How to do it in alignment with who you most deeply are (integrity)
  • How to not burn yourself out or blow up your life (holistic health)

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This morning I wrote a blog post about a genuinely very interesting speech that Republican senator Jeff Flake made yesterday on the Senate floor about the ways the president has assaulted the truth.  But then I didn’t post it.  I don’t want to go there – don’t want to cross the line into becoming a political news vehicle.  I’ll let you decide how much or how little political news you want to take in – and to know that you won’t be besieged with it here.  Here we will come together to reflect thoughtfully on how we behave, how we take action – perhaps including how we relate to the news.