Activism Coaching

Here are some ideas I will focus on if you get “activism with heart” coaching from me (in person or on the phone).  But you probably don’t need private coaching – and these ideas will function as a little free standalone coaching session for you.

me resist
What does the Resistance mean for you?  Read my Resistance, Peace and Love blog (  Read this blog.  Reflect and listen to yourself.  Talk with me.
You are reading this page for a reason.  Getting really clear about that reason could be tremendously helpful – it could in and of itself be a successful outcome from reading this.  I’m hoping that somewhere in your reason for reading this there is some of this motivation: you feel like you might be kinda ready to do something more about the state of our country, but you don’t know what to do or how to get started.  If that motivation is somewhere in there, then I and this page are most likely to be helpful to you.
If you are like me, you get lots of emails, letters and calls from progressive causes – each of them with a passionate pitch and a call to action.  (My overfull email inbox is mostly these.)  Most of them sound pretty good and I really kinda wish I could help them all, but even just reading/talking to them all would overwhelm my day.
I promise that I will not give you another call to action – more like some ideas and options.  I think you can make your own plans.  What I will suggest, for starters, is some things that I think you shouldn’t do:
  1. Don’t take action too fast.  If your action is scattershot, ungrounded, you are liable to get nowhere and end up discouraged.

  2. Don’t act before you get really clear about your present state.  Why are you reading this blog, this page?  What are you dissatisfied with – maybe even in some pain about – in your response to our country’s predicament?  This clarity will really help you when you are ready to take action.
  3. Don’t take in too much information.  Getting overwhelmed by all the negative information coming out of Washington, Alabama, Puerto Rico, etc. – without some satisfying way(s) to respond – can be very toxic.
  4. Don’t act out of pressure or guilt.  You need to do things you want to do, because they somehow fit you and you have some hopefulness that they will make a difference.

  5. Don’t take on too many commitments or try to do too much at once.  Go to the For Starters page and pick one thing to do first – something that jumps out at you.  If nothing jumps out at you, then journal or meditate and seek your own option – or just wait.
Here are some things I feel confident to say that you should do:
  1. Love yourself.  Be proud of yourself that you are addressing this.  Know that you are capable – maybe even amazing – more than good enough to wade into these waters.18542-Love-Yourself-First

  2. Find your light saber.  What are your gifts/interests/growing edge?  You might decide to make calls not because you are naturally good at it, but because it’s an edge you want to lean into.
  3. Get help: this blog, a friend’s listening ear, my coaching.
  4. Act in community: your local ecstatic dance group, your spiritual community, that community’s social justice group, your local chapter of MoveOn, Indivisible, the Sierra Club, the Democratic Party, etc. (see the Political Action “Groups” page). Moving into these political waters can be scary and toxic – you need your people with you.
Armed with these ideas, read the For Starters page and then maybe the rest of the blog.  (Subscribe in the upper right hand corner so that you will be notified when there is a new post.)
If you’re still feeling like you might want some individual coaching from me, read the My Activist Bio page, email me with questions if you would like – and then call me for a free 30-minute consultation.  After that I charge by a sliding scale from $30-80 for a 50-minute phone session.
I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and worked in psychology for 20 years – mostly doing counseling, coaching and personal growth work.  After that, I worked for 15 years as an organization development management consultant – where I also did a tremendous amount of coaching.