For starters

Here are some possible things to do, to get yourself going.  Focus on some of these only – maybe just one at first.  What calls to you? In general, try not to take action out of drivenness or guilt.  What would be liberating or exciting or like self-expression?

  • Get educated.
    • Read the Washington Post and/or New York Times online.
    • NPR, PBS, MSNBC, Amy Goodman Democracy Now
    • Read my Resistance, Peace and Love blog.

      Read my Resistance, Peace and Love blog.  Lots of great photos, signs, people.  Very encouraging.
    • Find your desirable pace – don’t get overloaded.  Too much information, without being matched with activity and community, can be overwhelming and toxic.
  • Vote in November! Please!! It’s OK to force yourself to do this one.
    • Encourage your friends and Facebook friends to vote.  Post stuff on FB.
  • Participate in marches or rallies.
  • Send postcards or make calls to legislators.
  • Give money to good activities/political causes.
    • I never click the box to give automatically every month, even though I believe it is a valuable practice.  I give $5-10, rarely more, when the spirit moves me.  This way it feels like self-expression.
  • Read the site and get on their list.
  • Sign petitions, like those sponsored by MoveOn.
  • Post good stuff on social media.
    • “Share” things you receive.
  • Dance furiously, in your kitchen and especially with others.
  • See the last two Star Wars movies.

    last-jedi-tout-2 (1)
    Star Wars 8, The Last Jedi, is really great – inspired me to serve the Resistance.  See #7 – also very good – first or read the New York Times synopsis. (I’ll send you the link.)
  • Go online and get a light saber – or pull yours out of the closet.
  • Find your personal light saber – what’s your specific way to contribute?
    • When I thought I had none, I realized that I have my computer for writing.
    • If you’re in or near Asheville, come to my Activism with Heart conversation series, four Wednesday evenings March 14-April 4.
    • Lots more on this topic to come in various blog posts.
  • Talk to your friends about all this.
  • Build community.
    • Be kind to each other.
    • Form cadres, support groups.
    • Listen to each other.
    • Hug each other – good, juicy hugs.
  • Support women’s power.
    • See all the great women’s power in Star Wars 8.
      • The right wingers say there are “too many women” in this movie – very threatening to them.
  • Learn about and support diversity.
  • Get therapy or personal growth activities.
    • Be really clear about who you are, what are your gifts, what you want to contribute.
  • Subscribe to this blog – see the box in the upper right column.
  • Write a guest post for this blog – 500 words or less.  Write me at with your idea.
  • Run for office.
  • Get activism coaching from me – see Activism Coaching page.
  • Bring me in to speak to your groups.