Public speaking

I love to talk about this project.  Here are some pictures of me performing poetry at Jubilee.  IMG_8532

I’m willing to talk for free locally and for some reasonable amount if I travel to you.  I would talk to a community group, a church group. a political group, a work group.  I’m glad to offer the message/homily/sermon at your church – I’d bring out the spiritual essence of this work.  And/or I would contribute my six-minute Sweet Peace poem (text and video on the Sweet Peace page here), if there was some chance to discuss it after – in a discussion group or even just chatting with people after the service.  And hey, I’ll even talk to your extended family if you are local.  I want to get the word out and to fine-tune my message.IMG_8533

These ideas are very exciting.  They may galvanize your group to action and may bring it together.  Any presentation I make will be interactive.  At the very least there will be good time for comments and Q&A.  If we have at least an hour – and preferably more – I will probably have one or more structured activity for us.IMG_8541

If you think these ideas are as important as I do, you may feel motivated to get me out speaking about them.IMG_8557IMG_8542