Steve Woodsmall for Congress

Steve Woodsmall is running to become the Democratic nominee for the North Carolina 11th Congressional district.  He is running against two other men for the opportunity to challenge the Republican (slimeball) incumbent Mark Meadows (leader of the super-conservative Freedom Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives).  Which of these three gets to progress to the November 6 general election will be decided in the primary election on May 8.

In my blog post on April 8, I talked about why – from my side – I needed to find a campaign to commit myself to.  It makes good reading. In this page I talk about why I like Steve.  Even if you are not a resident of the NC 11th District (I am not) and can’t vote for Steve (I cannot), you may – if you need to make decisions about who to vote for – want to read this.  After this post, I will go back to my policy of not endorsing candidates in this blog. But I feel a need to make an exception here.Woodsmall for congress

  • While in some ways very strong and confident, Steve is a humble guy – very little ego for a politician.  He pokes fun at himself.
  • He’s good with dogs.  You actually can learn a lot about someone by how they are with dogs.  He was gentle and strong and calm with my Toni.  He showed respect for me and for her in the way he asked permission to pick her up.  Steve Woodsmall
  • Steve is smart.  The list of topics that got covered at the Indivisible-sponsored “vetting session” I attended was very broad, and he had insightful, up-to-the-minute stuff to say about all of it.  And he didn’t mind admitting if he was not up to speed about something.
  • He is very strong about gun control.  And very respectful of the students running the March for Our Lives movement – ready to both share his leadership and to also, where it makes sense, follow their leadership.
  • He’s not running for Congress out of ego or a need for power or to be a big shot.  He’s “mad as hell” about what’s going on in this country – and from our current congressman Mark Meadows – and when he looked at the candidates already in the field to challenge Meadows he wasn’t happy with them, knew he could do better.

Steve Woodsmall’s web site