#2 – Jedi Training Camp

This is the heart of the Releasing the Force offerings – and this description runs a little long so you have the information you need to consider a major commitment of time and energy.

You don’t need to give up your current obligations to be a Jedi.  In fact, for this program you commit to keeping intact the big four life components:

  1. work
  2. family
  3. exercise
  4. sleep

Within the context of keeping the big four intact (perhaps actually thriving), you still have the urge to really go for it.  You want to have as big an impact as possible on our national mess – perhaps focusing totally on our local level.  You want to hone yourself to be a more powerful instrument.  You want to learn tools that will make you a bigger, more loving, more powerful person in the rest of your life, for the rest of your life. 

Luke and Rey
Luke Skywalker mentoring Rey

Support will include:

  1. This blog
  2. One four-hour Saturday morning work session a month
    1. The content of these sessions will be a very highly structured Jedi curriculum and attendance is mandatory.  Missed sessions will require a make-up meeting at an extra fee.
  3. Trainer’s office hours
    1. optional sessions online by Skype, one two-hour evening block per month
    2. These will be work sessions – not a “support group”.  Troubleshooting your path to becoming a Jedi.
  4. Private Facebook group.
    1. The primary way that the group will stay connected in between the monthly meetings – and keeping your momentum in between meetings will be really necessary.
    2. Optional but extremely valuable and very highly recommended. (I would recommend you get a Facebook account, free, if you don’t already have one – just for this.)  Certainly, how much you participate in this Facebook group will be totally optional.  Posting stuff will be very valuable, but you may choose simply to read what others are posting.
    3. The conversation on the Facebook group will not be “facilitated”, but I will be reading it all to keep the pulse of the group and get ideas for the monthly trainings.  And I will be participating intensively – some genuine training will go on.
      multiple Jedi
    4. This Facebook group will be completely private – only approved members will be able to find or access it.
    5. Jedi buddy
      1. Mandatory but totally optional as to how you and your buddy implement it
      2. Recommended two hours per week, in a block or broken up as you please.  Maybe you will want a briefer contact every day!  Suggestions will be offered as to how you could spend that time, but you decide.
    6. Activism with Heart coaching sessions
      1. details click here
      2. 90 minutes – face-to-face or by Skype or phone
      3. one included with the training camp, additional sessions at a discounted rate

        Daisy Ridley 2
        Rey – the new generation of Jedi

Charge for the whole 6-part monthly package:

  • $50 per month pay-as-you-go.
  • $35 per month if paying by automatic bank draft
  • The program will be ongoing.  You commit to no specific number of months, can discontinue at any point with a one-month notice. But you are committing for every month until you discontinue – not a drop in.

About your trainer:

I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and worked in that field for 20 years.  This included a lot of training, coaching and counseling.

After that, I shifted into organization development management consulting because I wanted to have an impact on bigger systems – this spoke to my social change values and commitments.  I did this consulting work for fifteen years, again doing a lot of training and coaching.  I specialized in team development and participative management, strategic planning, management coaching and workplace diversity – especially male-female issues in the workplace.

I have significant martial arts background – not enough to make me especially proficient in any art (a year or more each of aikido, tai chi and tae kwon do), but enough to significantly influence my perspectives on training and effective interventions.

I have extensive background in political and social change work, some of which is detailed in the “My Activist Bio” page.

resist big smile

I grew up in Chicago and kept going back there, after stints in Upstate New York (Rochester, Syracuse and Alfred), Nova Scotia and Cincinnati.  I have been in Asheville for 13 years and live downtown with my five-pound Yorkipoo dog.  I have major commitments to Jubilee Community Church and the Asheville Movement Collective ecstatic “dance church”.  I am a writer and have a book of poetry called Something Rises  (somethingrises.com). I have a day job as a cashier at Earth Fare and have written a blog called “Real Life in the Checkout Line“. I still write an occasional post there, but my blogging energy is mostly going into this blog.

I strive to be an open book and err on the side of being self-disclosing – sometimes too much for some people.  People who do admire me often use terms like authentic, real and gritty.  I come from a powerful team orientation and believe we do our most powerful interventions from a peer perspective.  While I will be enthusiastically embracing the role of trainer in this program, I will still be essentially thinking of myself as your peer…having walked a little further down some roads, but more similar than different.

If you would like to know more about me or my background or my orientation to this program, don’t hesitate to email (heymajo@gmail.com) or call me (828-582-9822).  Especially if you are considering the big commitment of the Jedi Training Camp, I want you to have the information you need to make a confident decision.

Call 582-9822 or email heymajo@gmail.com for upcoming dates.