#3 – No Charge Recharge

Two support options are offered at no charge:

  1. The No-Charge Recharge Happy Hour.  One two-hour (or longer, as you see fit) social time per month in some local establishment that offers suitable refreshments.  Badges to recognize each other and some light facilitation to help the interactions go beyond chit-chat. For people participating in the Something Squad or Jedi Training Camp – or people already out there doing the work who want a recharge, or people who are interested in what we are doing here.
  2. The Comrades-In-Arms Recharge.  One three-hour session per month for people already out there doing the work who would like to come together with other comrades.  Will include some facilitation – at no charge, in recognition of the work you are doing for the Movement.

Call 582-9822 or email heymajo@gmail.com for upcoming dates.